Bendix Magnetos

Bendix SB6RN-10

The Bendix/TCM/CMI magnetos are still the best choice for your engine.

The S1200 Series, such as the S6RN-1225 are generally considered the most powerful magnetos available. They have large coils and distributors and work extremely well at higher altitudes without the hassle of pressurization.

The S20 and S200 Series, such as the S4RN-21, S6RSC-25 or S4LN-204 are the most common models. They provide a hot spark and are available for most engine models.

The older SF and SB “Mailbox” Series can also still be serviced.

The D2000/D3000 Series of “Dual Magnetos” are found on some Lycoming engines. They have gotten a bad reputation over the years but are quite reliable if maintained properly. All of the Bendix magnetos can be easily repaired and/or overhauled at reasonable cost. The D2000/D3000 Series has been “orphaned” by CMI and the best source of service for them is currently Kelly Aerospace.

Bendix/TCM/CMI Magneto Overhaul

Point Aviation’s “PRECISION MAGNETO” program provides top quality testing, inspection, repair and overhaul of most Bendix S20 – S200- S1200 Series magnetos. Your magneto is disassembled, cleaned, inspected, refinished and reassembled. Distributor bushings and cams are oil baked, distributor contacts cleaned, internal “e-gap” timing is precisely set and rotor is re-magnetized. Bearings, Capacitor and Contact Sets are replaced as well as all other components not meeting CMI’s standards along with all of CMI’s required overhaul components. Coils and capacitors are tested hot to duplicate engine running conditions and the completed magneto is test run on our custom test bench to assure proper operation. Pressurized magnetos are pressure tested to assure proper airflow. All applicable AD’s and pertinent Service Bulletins are accomplished during overhaul.

Point Aviation also has the tooling and resources to properly service or overhaul the older Bendix SF and SB “Mailbox” magnetos such as the SF4RN-8 and SB6RN-8. Most parts are available with the exception of Impulse Coupling components for models such as the SB6RN-10. When properly set up they put out a spark comparable to the current Bendix S-20 and S-200 Series magnetos. Their biggest drawback is that they are quite heavy.

Bendix 500 Hour Inspection

Your magneto is disassembled as required for inspection, testing and periodic maintenance. All components not meeting CMI’s standards are replaced along with all of CMI’s required maintenance components. Bearings are serviced, distributor bushings and cams are oil baked, distributor contacts cleaned, internal “e gap” timing is reset and rotor is re-magnetized. Coils and capacitors are tested hot and completed magneto is test run to assure proper operation. All applicable AD’s are accomplished and pertinent Service Bulletins will be addressed.

You will be provided an estimate for repair, overhaul or replacement prior to any work being accomplished.  In shop times are typically 1-3 days for repairs and 500 Hr inspections and 3-5 days for overhaul.

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