Precision Magneto

Magneto Troubleshooting, Testing, Overhaul, and Repair

Don't Let This Happen to Your Magneto!
Don’t Let This Happen to Your Magneto!

Your magnetos are the heart of your engine. Unfortunately they tend to be neglected until they start to cause problems.

All magnetos, regardless of brand need regular maintenance to keep them operating at their peak efficiency.

At a minimum all magnetos should be removed and inspected every 500 hours. This allows bearings to be serviced and the internal timing to be adjusted.

Many magnetos have periodic AD requirements that need to be addressed as well.

We also check the oil seal that keeps engine oil out of the magneto. Leakage here can cause a magneto to misfire or fail completely.

Point Aviation provides testing, troubleshooting, repair and overhaul for most types of magnetos.

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